14 Best St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas!

14 Best St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas!

Are you planning a St. Patrick’s Day party this year? Maybe you want to have a little celebration with your kids, or maybe you’re hosting a dinner party for your friends–either way, there are countless ideas out there for decorations and foods for a St. Patrick’s Day party!  I’ve rounded up my favourites that I could find online to help inspire you party planners out there, including some great DIYs and recipes!



No party is complete without great food, and it’s always fun to have themed snacks for a holiday! Here are some appetizer and dessert recipes for your St. Patrick’s Day party.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

1. Lucky Charm Lemon Sugar Cookies

These cookies are super cute and Instagram-worthy! You can make any shapes you want, whether shamrocks or the phrase “Lucky Charm”, but the finished product looks absolutely delicious.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

2. Mint M&M Cookies

M&M cookies on a regular day? Delicious. Festive mint M&M cookies for St. Patrick’s Day? Even better! These cookies will be a huge hit with kids and adults alike!


St Patrick's Day Party Ideas

3. Green Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a twist on the classic Red Velvet recipe, and they look absolutely amazing! The chocolate gold coin as a cupcake topper is a great idea and fits St. Patrick’s Day perfectly!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

4. Leprechaun Punch 

No event is complete without beverages, and this punch is a great non-alcoholic option that’s super easy to make, as well.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

5. Shamrock Chips with Pot O’ Gold Dip

These shamrock chips are a great appetizer that’s also a healthy alternative to the usual party snacks.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

6. Guacamole Cups 

Another cute appetizer idea for your St. Patrick’s Day party! Guacamole is always a hit, and if you don’t have the time to make a homemade recipe, you can always find a delicious store-bought one.



St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

7. Shamrock Mason Jars

These mason jars are going to be the cutest addition to your party! You can use them as a flower vase, or store your straws and utensils in them!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

8. Leprechaun Belt Party Cups

I love these cups–they are easy to make but will add so much to your party’s aesthetic! For extra cuteness, add some paper straws!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

9. Paper Strip Shamrocks

This paper strip craft is a fun project to do with your kids or even just by yourself!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

10. St. Patrick’s Pot of Gold

How cute is this Pot of Gold craft? It’s perfect for displaying candies and treats at your party, but it could also be a cute little gift for someone!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

11. Shamrock Balloons

If you plan on taking photos at your event, you should definitely consider having a backdrop so your pictures turn out perfect. These balloons would be a simple DIY, but will make a big impact.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

12. DIY Glittered Horseshoe Garland

This might be my favourite St. Patrick’s Day party idea on this list! It would look cute in so many different places–in a classroom, on your fireplace mantel, in a bedroom, etc.!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

13. Simple DIY Wreath

If you’re looking for a craft on a budget, this wreath is a really good option. It cost only $4 to make, so you really can’t go wrong!



St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

14. Mini Shamrock Pinatas

Last but not least, these mini shamrock pinatas are an adorable addition to your party–you can use them as party favours or as a little party game!


If you like these ideas, make sure to check out my DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath!

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