Easy & Delicious Red Velvet Canada Day Cake

Easy & Delicious Red Velvet Canada Day Cake

This Sunday is Canada’s birthday, and people all around the country will be celebrating at parties and get-togethers, watching fireworks and eating BBQ. If you’re going to an event, or even if you’re staying in, you definitely need some festive food. Something like a delicious-but-easy-to-make red velvet Canada Day cake!


Share it with your friends, or eat it all by yourself (I won’t judge). Either way, it’s super easy to make so if you’re scratching your head and trying to figure out what to bring to your neighbour’s potluck party, this could be the perfect thing!


Not only is red velvet delicious, but the red cake and white cream cheese frosting are spot-on for a Canada Day cake! I used this recipe from Savory Spicerack for the actual red velvet cake, and then used my own cream cheese frosting recipe (check below for details on that). If you’re not a baker, or you don’t have time to do it all from scratch, you can totally just buy the boxed stuff. Some of them come with packets of icing, or you can just buy that separately if need be. Honestly, I think boxed cake tastes great so I don’t think anyone will know the difference 😂


Regardless if your cake is homemade or not, the star of the show is how you decorate it!



What You’ll Need

  • Red velvet cake (I made three layers in 9″ pans, as recommended by the recipe I linked above from Savory Spicerack)
  • Red fondant
  • Maple leaf cookie cutter
  • Bread knife or cake leveler
  • Small circle cookie cutter (or anything small and circular to cut the fondant– I used a metal icing tip to the get the size of the circles I wanted)
  • Cornstarch or flour
  • Rolling pin
  • Cream cheese frosting
    • 1 package of cream cheese
    • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
    • 1 tbsp vanilla
    • 3 cups of powdered sugar
    • 2 -3 tsp milk (optional — use this to thin out your icing if necessary)
  • Optional: sparklers




1. After baking your cake layers and allowing them to cool off (this is crticial. We do not want the icing melting off the cake), level them with either your knife or leveler so that the layers are all even.

2. To construct the cake, cover the first layer in icing, place the next cake layer on top, and follow the pattern until your cake is stacked.

3. Spread the rest of the frosting over the cake. You can use a plastic spatula, a metal icing spatula, or even just a large butter knife. Make it as even as you can around the sides and the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect, especially since we’ll be covering the icing with decorations.

4. On whatever surface you want to work on (table, counter top, cutting board, etc.), spread your cornstarch or flour over it. Also apply some to your hands and rolling pin so that the fondant doesn’t stick to anything.

5. Take your red fondant and knead it until it softens. Roll it out on your surface until it is about 1/4″ thick

6. Using your cookie cutters, cut as many shapes as you need to decorate your cake. I cut 4 maple leafs and about 18 small circles.

7. Apply some frosting on the back of your shapes to help them adhere to the cake. I made a simple alternating pattern of dots around the sides and then spread the maple leafs across the top. If your cake is tall enough, you can place maple leafs along the sides, as well!



Show Off Your Creativity

The design of your Canada Day cake is completely up to you–this is just an easy option if you’re looking for some inspiration. You can just have one maple leaf in the middle, or cover the entire cake in them. You can add sprinkles, use red icing with white fondant maple leafs instead, cover the entire cake in a layer of white fondant before adhering the shapes, and so on. The options are endless!


One fun additional step you can take is to add sparklers on top of the cake and light them up before serving it! It adds a little something extra, which is sure to wow your friends and family.



Let me know how your Canada Day cake turns out! And if you’re looking for more Canada Day inspiration, check out the Canada Day wreath I posted about earlier this week!

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