Canada Day Wreath DIY Tutorial

Canada Day Wreath DIY Tutorial

If you live in Canada, then you know we are less than one week away from celebrating Canada Day! It’s always a fun day to celebrate because everyone comes together for the 3 F’s: Friends. Food. Fireworks. What more could you ask for? Oh, I guess there’s one more thing you could want–an adorable Canada Day wreath!


That’s why this year, I decided to show some national spirit and made this Canada Day wreath to share with you all! Once you get the hang of how to use the burlap, making this wreath is a breeze! So grab your Caesar or a Moosehead (both super Canadian drinks), and let’s get started.


P.S. If you’re not Canadian, or you’re celebrating a different national holiday (e.g. Independence Day in America), you can follow the same tutorial and just change the colours & flags to suit your country instead! For the Independence Day example, alternate between red, white, and blue ribbon, and then put mini American flags to decorate! You can even add some stars across the top!


Canada Day Wreath Materials

  • A roll of burlap (I bought this one from Michael’s and almost used up the entire roll, so depending how big or small you make your wreath, buy your burlap accordingly!)
  • Wire wreath frame (mine was 12″)
  • Roll of wire-edged red ribbon (my roll was 2 1/2″ x 10 yards)
  • Roll of wire-edged white ribbon (same as red ribbon)
  • 2 mini Canadian Flags
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


Canada Day Wreath Instructions

1. First, take the end of your burlap and tie a knot around one of the wires on your wreath. Twist the knot so it’s in the back.


2. Create a loop (about 3 – 4 inches big), with the knot at the base, and push the loop through two of the wires. Since I made my knot at the top, I pushed the loop through the top and middle wires. When your wreath is facing forward, the loop should be facing you. In the picture below, you can see I pushed two loops through–one in the top section, and one in the bottom section. The middle section is still empty (we’ll fill that up in a second!)


NOTE: After each loop, twist the material before going to create the next one. This changes the direction and also helps to secure the base of each loop you create.


3. Grab your first ribbon (red, in my case), and repeat the same process. Tie a knot at the back of the wreath, and then push a loop through. This time, push it through the middle so it’s in between the two burlap loops.


NOTE: push the loops together and keep them tight as you continue adding more loops. This helps to keep the shape of the loops and to fill up the wreath more. You can make your wreath looser and larger (or alternatively, tighter and smaller) depending how large you make your loops and how tightly you push them together. Overall, this can change the appearance of your wreath!



4. You’ll want to alternate between ribbon and burlap so that the ribbon loops aren’t right beside each other.



5. Next, I filled in a couple more loops of burlap before introducing the white ribbon. As with before, tie a knot at the back of the wreath with the white ribbon, and then push your loop through. This is what it will look like with both ribbons and the burlap.



6. Continue alternating between red ribbon, white ribbon, and burlap. It’s okay if two burlap sections are right next to each other. We just want the ribbons to be more spaced out! Your rolls of ribbon and burlap might get tangled as your overlap them, so try to keep them untangled as best you can.

As you can see below, this is how one section looks once completed.



7. Once you get into a groove, the wreath is super easy to finish! When you are putting in your last loops, you can tuck the ends of the ribbon/burlap rolls to secure them, or you can glue them into place with your glue gun if you want extra security. This is how the wreath looks when it’s completely filled up.



8. Your final step is to glue down your flags! I crossed them at the bottom, but you can arrange them in any way you like!



And that’s it! Now you have a beautiful burlap and ribbon Canada Day wreath to impress your friends and family with! I hope you found the tutorial helpful and that you have fun making your own wreath!


Before you go!

If you’re looking for some more Canada Day inspiration, check out my Pinterest board! There are tons of fun printables and party ideas for you to find!


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