DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Topper Tutorial

DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Topper Tutorial

You know the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too?” Whoever came up with that clearly never celebrated a birthday because you definitely are supposed to have a cake, specifically for the purpose of eating it! My own birthday is coming up in less than a month, and I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of just regular old candles on top of my cake, I decided to make my own DIY birthday cake topper! Honestly, when you’re crafty you look for any excuse to start some new projects, and my birthday is the perfect excuse!


For your DIY birthday cake topper, you’ll need just a few materials (and a little patience!)

  • Sparkly craft paper (you want something relatively sturdy)
  • Wooden dowels/toothpicks/paper straws (anything will work here, you just want something to hold up your paper!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife 
  • Pencil or pen
Image showing materials needed for DIY birthday cake topper tutorial

Make Your Cake Topper Phrase

The first step is decide what phrase you want on your cake topper. Once you’ve chosen, go on Microsoft Word (or whatever program you feel most comfortable using) and choose the font and positioning of your words. You want your words to be readable even when connected to each other, so I recommend a simple font without too many scribbles or flourishes.

Image showing paper being cut to create the phrase for the DIY birthday cake topper

Once you printed out your DIY birthday cake topper phrase, carefully cut out the letters. You don’t have to be perfect, and it’s okay if the words split while cutting. You’ll be tracing this onto your craft paper, so you can arrange the words back into their proper positioning if need be. 

Image showing chosen phrase for DIY birthday cake topper cut out on printer paper

Cutting out the letters is a little time consuming because you want to be careful that you don’t snip off the wrong part, but with a little patience you’ll be done in no time! I just watched some TV in the background while I snipped away! I also would not recommend using the X-Acto knife for this part because this is regular printer paper, which the knife will tear right through.

Image showing phrase chosen for DIY birthday cake topper traced onto sparkly craft paper

Once the phrase it cut out, trace it onto the back of your sparkly craft paper. Make sure to trace it backwards because when you cut it out, it will be facing the correct way on the sparkly side of the paper. At this point, if your phrase on the printer paper ripped or separated, you can just place them together and trace around it.

Put Together Your Materials

Image showing chosen phrase cut out of sparkly craft paper for DIY birthday cake topper

Using the X-Acto knife, carefully cut out the phrase you traced out. I cut mine out on top of a cutting board so I wouldn’t damage the table beneath. Although the craft paper is thicker and more durable, still be careful as you carve out the letters! The X-Acto knife really is good at getting small pieces out though, so it’ll be easier than using scissors!

When the DIY birthday cake topper is cut out, it might feel a little flimsy. Don’t worry–the straws on either side of the paper in the next step will make everything more secure. 

Image showing the final materials required to put together the DIY birthday cake topper

Additionally, there’s a quick fix if your phrase broke apart while cutting it out. You can glue the pieces back together using your hot glue gun. Just make sure to give it enough time to set so it doesn’t fall apart again!

Now that the difficult part is done, we just need to put everything together! Take your paper straws (or whatever material you decide to use), and determine how you would like to place the craft paper on top. Once you’ve decided, use your hot glue gun to secure your phrase onto the straws.

The Final Product

Image showing completed DIY birthday cake topper

And your DIY birthday cake topper is done! Stick it on top of your cake and show off your creative side at your next birthday party! It’s a fun alternative to the usual cake toppers (candles, or a boring “Happy Birthday” sign). You can customize your DIY birthday cake topper to say whatever you want–make it your name, your age, and in whatever colours you like! It’s a fun and inexpensive craft that you can reuse every year!

Image showing completed DIY birthday cake topper

Check out more DIY projects on my blog, and find some more DIY inspiration on my Pinterest page!

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