DIY Floral Easter Wreath Tutorial

DIY Floral Easter Wreath Tutorial

I feel like Easter really crept up on me this year, probably because it’s so early in April! Before I knew it, the holiday was a couple days away and I still hadn’t even prepared anything. I had no decorations, desserts, or anything else! I knew I wanted to make an Easter wreath for my front door, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to make. Something cute and colourful? Something incorporation bunnies or eggs? I eventually decided to make a floral wreath. This way I had a wreath for the season, even after Easter ended! The pale coloured eggs compliment the white and pink flowers perfectly! It’s a wreath I’m super excited to display all spring long.


For this project, you’ll need a few different supplies:

Floral Easter Wreath2

  • Wire wreath frame (mine is 18″)
  • Floral garland (mine included green leaves and white flowers)
  • Extra greenery (leaves, moss, etc.) — I intended to use the moss somewhere in my wreath but ultimately decided against it, but I think it could look nice in the design if you choose to include it!
  • Floral stems (any colour would look nice, but I chose pink!)
  • Ribbon
  • Easter eggs (these eggs were actually a garland, so I just pulled them off the string. This way I could place them whichever way I pleased!)
  • Floral tape


In addition, it would be helpful to have scissors and a hot glue gun on hand!


The first step in making this Easter wreath is to wrap your garland around the wreath frame. Use the floral tape to secure the garland in place however you like best. My garland overlapped a little, which is fine! This area will just need less filler to cover up the empty spaces.


Next, using your extra leaves, greenery, moss, etc., fill in all the extra gaps in the wreath frame. I found that it looked best when I tucked the leaves underneath the flowers of the garland, and this covered the wire most effectively. Use your hot glue gun to adhere the leaves.


Once you’re satisfied with the placement of your leaves and flowers, you can begin tucking the floral stems in. I began at the bottom of the wreath. I tucked the ends of the stems pointing towards centre, which means that the stems on the right were all pointing towards the left, and the ones on the left were pointing towards the right. When I was happy with the arrangement, I glued them into place.


The next thing you want to do is glue your eggs into place. I tried to keep the same colour pattern to keep it consistent, but you can organize your eggs in any way you like! I wanted to have a decent amount of eggs in the wreath, but not too many where it became distracting. The different components of the wreath need to balance each other out–you don’t want any one aspect to be the exclusive main focus!


Your final touch is adding the bow on top! I found this adorable floral printed wired ribbon at Michael’s that I thought would be perfect for this Easter wreath. Make your bow any shape and size that you like, glue it on top, and that’s it! Your creation is now complete!


An easy DIY tutorial for making a beautiful floral wreath for Easter!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for my DIY floral Easter wreath! If you want to see more holiday wreath ideas, check out my St. Patrick’s Day wreath!

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