DIY Phone Charger Customization – Dollar Store Materials

DIY Phone Charger Customization – Dollar Store Materials

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had someone in your house “accidentally” steal your phone charger.



If you and your family/roommate/S.O. have the same type of phone charger, then it definitely can get confusing. You can innocently leave your cord on the kitchen table, someone else thinks its theirs, and then suddenly they have two chargers and you have zero. Funny how that happens, huh?


It’s not so funny when your phone is at 10% battery and you need to charge it ASAP, though.


A simple–and fun!–way to avoid this problem in the future is to get crafty and try these DIY phone charger customization ideas I’ll be showing you today. They’re quick to make, and very inexpensive since all the materials can be found at the Dollar Store!


Image showing final products of DIY phone charger customization ideas


For your DIY phone charger customization, there are tons of supplies you can buy to craft with. For my designs, I went to Dollar Tree and picked up glitter, a roll of washi tape, a roll of tape with rhinestones on it, and liquid adhesive. The total for everything was about $5 and I was able to make two different charger designs, with plenty of material left over.


Image showing supplies needed for DIY phone charger customization


If you have supplies at home already from other crafts you’ve done, then you can save even more money!


Glittery Phone Charger with Initial

For the glittery phone charger, you need the liquid adhesive, fine glitter, rhinestone tape, and (of course) a plain phone charger. Optional: a paintbrush to apply the adhesive.


Image showing materials needed for first DIY phone charger customization


Using the paintbrush, I applied a thin layer of the adhesive on the charger. To avoid getting glitter inside the ports, cover the open areas with clear tape. While the glue is still tacky, pour the glitter over the charger. The easiest way to use the glitter is to cut a small corner off of the packet so you can control it. Use your finger to pack on the glitter as tightly as possible.


Image showing partial completion of DIY phone charger customization using glitter


This is what the charger looks like with one completed side. Finish the rest of the adapter, and then you can also apply glitter onto the USB ports so everything matches.


Apply another thin layer of glue on top of the glitter to help seal everything in. To speed up the drying process, you can leave the charger in the sun for 5-10 minutes.


The phone charger will look like this after the glitter has dried and been sealed.


To finish this design, make your initial out of the rhinestone tape! Cut strips out of the rhinestones and apply them on top of the glitter. You can adjust the strips a little once you’ve placed them onto the charger, so don’t worry if it appears crooked or off-centre at first.


Image showing completed DIY phone charger customization using glitter and rhinestones


Now that your phone charger is rocking your favourite colour and initial, no one will be able to steal it by accident again!


Washi Tape Phone Charger

The absolute simplest way to do a DIY phone charger customization is to use washi tape. Washi tape comes in so many designs, so you can really show off your style with it!


At Dollar Tree, I found this beautiful washi tape with a purple, white, and orange geometric design. And for this craft, it’s the one material you’ll need (besides your phone charger!)


Image showing supplies needed for second DIY phone charger customization using washi tape


Align the edge of your washi tape with the charger and carefully wrap it around the plastic, keeping it taut and straight. Once you’ve made it around, overlap the tape a little to secure it and then cut it off. To cover the rest of the charger, start directly below where the edge of the washi tape ended and repeat the process.


I had a little bit of excess tape go over the edge of the charger, but I simple folded it over. It helps to secure the tape even more.


Image showing completed DIY phone charger customization using washi tape


Like with the previous phone charger, you can also cover up the USB components so it all matches. The cord of my charger has also been torn, so I wrapped a little tape around that to cover it up and keep the design cohesive!


No More Phone Charger Theft

Now that you have some inspiration, you can go do your own DIY phone charger customization! It’s a fun craft that will take little time to complete, and it’s very affordable too!


Everyone in your household will now be able to keep track of whose charger is whose, and no more “accidental” stealing of phone parts (I hope).


For more crafting inspiration, check out some more of my DIYs!

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