Dollar Store Fall Wreath Challenge

Dollar Store Fall Wreath Challenge

I’m the first person to run to the nearest Michael’s when there’s a floral sale (BOGO sales are my jam), but even when there are discounts the price can still really add up. A bunch of floral stems here, a wire frame there, and suddenly you’re spending $50!

I can’t kick my wreath-making addiction, so I try to challenge myself to make beautiful wreaths at an affordable price. And the best way to do this? Go to the Dollar Store! Not all dollar stores are created equal, but you can find some great stuff at the right place! My local Dollar Tree has everything I could need, from frames to floral stems to accessories!

I created a dollar store fall wreath for under $10, and it was super simple to make as well. The quality of the products is perfectly fine as well–the flowers look and feel really nice–so if you’re in a pinch for cash but want to decorate for the season, definitely check out your local dollar store.

Image showing completed dollar store fall wreath hanging on a front door

If you want to know how to make this dollar store fall wreath for yourself, check out the tutorial below!


  • Wooden branch wreath frame
  • Floral stems (the flowers I chose were mums)
  • Berry stems
  • Maple leaf stems
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
Image showing materials needed to create dollar store fall wreath

I had one bunch of each type of floral stem, and it filled the wreath perfectly. If you want yours to be fuller, or you have a larger frame, then I would recommend buying more stems.

First, use your wire cutters to cut the stems. You want the stem to be about an inch long.

Starting with your base flowers, push the stems through the branches of the wreath frame to secure it into place. If it won’t go through the branches easily, it’s okay–you can glue the flowers down for extra security. 

This is what the dollar store fall wreath looks like with just the mums. You could just leave it like this–it’s simple but beautiful and the colours are perfect for fall. But I wanted to add the accent stems in to give it a little something extra!

Before securing the berry and leaf stems, I figured out exactly where I wanted them by placing them around the wreath. You can see in the picture I just laid them on top of the flowers so I could see how it would look before I glued them down and didn’t end up liking the pattern.

Once you like how the arrangement looks, secure your accent stems through the branches. Now, take your glue gun and glue everything into place so nothing falls out! 

The last step is to affix your bow if you want to add one. I had fall ribbon at home already, so I used that to make my bow. But dollar stores have lots of ribbon you can use, too! I just used my glue gun to attack the bow onto the back of the wreath!

And there you go–a beautiful, simple, and inexpensive Dollar Store fall wreath! It’s a stylish way to decorate for autumn without having to spend a lot of money!

Click here for more DIY posts! And I challenge YOU next to create your own Dollar Store fall wreath this season!

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