Halloween Eyeball Garland with Deco Mesh

Halloween Eyeball Garland with Deco Mesh

If you’ve seen my Halloween deco mesh wreath post from last month, you know I promised another tutorial to go with it–a matching Halloween eyeball garland! The tutorial took a little longer to go up that I anticipated, but I think there’s always enough time to sneak in one last DIY decor tutorial before the holiday is over! If you want to learn how to make this fun deco mesh Halloween eyeball garland, then just keep reading!

Image showing completed Halloween eyeball garland and wreath on front door


  • Orange deco mesh
  • Black deco mesh
  • 2.5″ wired ribbon
  • Roll of decorative wire (5 yards long)
  • Large googly eyes 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Orange pipe cleaners
  • Measuring tape
Image showing materials needed for Halloween eyeball garland


First, you want to unravel your wire. With your measuring tape, measure out 8″ increments along the wire and wrap your pipe cleaners at those points.

Image showing pipe cleaners wrapped around the wire at 8 inch increments to create the Halloween eyeball garland

Continue wrapping your pipe cleaners along the wire until you fill up the entire wire length.

To make the poofs smaller and tighter for the garland, you can have your pipe cleaners close together. However, I wanted to create large deco mesh poofs, so 8″ increments worked well for me.

Next, take your orange deco mesh and measure out approximately 16″. At that point, fold the deco mesh like an accordion until it’s completely pinched between your fingers. The 16″ portion you measured out is for the tail at the end of the garland. I chose to make a tail to extend the length of the garland. If you don’t need the extra length, or you don’t want the tails, then just pinch the deco mesh right at the end of the roll when you unravel it.

Put the pinched portion of the deco mesh inside the first pipe cleaner on your wire and twist it around the mesh a couple of times to secure it. From the point you twisted the deco mesh, measure out 10-11″ and at that point, fold the mesh again until it’s pinched. Twist the next pipe cleaners along the wire around this pinched portion. This is your first poof!

Image showing how to create deco mesh poofs for Halloween eyeball garland

Continue making poofs along the wire until you’ve filled all the pipe cleaners with deco mesh.

This is what your Halloween eyeball garland will look like so far. While working on the garland, some of my pipe cleaners moved around the wire. To fix this, just use your measuring tape to ensure the spaces between pipe cleaners are evenly spaced again!

To ensure the pipe cleaners at the end of the wire don’t slip off, I twisted the ends of the wires beside the first and last pipe cleaner. This made sure everything remained secure. 

Once you complete the orange deco mesh, leave a 16″ tail at the end to match the other side. Cut the mesh, and then it’s time to bring in the black deco mesh!

To incorporate the black mesh, we just do the same as we did with the orange! Leave your 16″ tail, then pinch the black deco mesh and twist the pipe cleaners around it. Just add it right on top of the twist you made for the orange mesh.

Measure out 10-11″ lengths of the deco mesh and continue making the poofs along the wire.

Once you fill the wire with black deco mesh, don’t forget to leave your tail on that end too! This is what the garland will look like at this point. You can spread the orange and black deco mesh so the poofs are spaced out from each other, or layer them into one uniform poof. Adjust the size of the poofs to your preferences!

Now it’s time to add in the ribbon! You can leave a tail of ribbon as well, but I decided to just start it at the first pipe cleaner. Twist the end of the ribbon just as you did with the deco mesh. The length of ribbon between each pipe cleaner was approximately 8″.

The next step for your Halloween eyeball garland is to add the eyeballs! I decided to put two googly eyes on each poof, but depending on how many googly eyes you have, you can do more or less than that! I staggered the eyes so there was a bit of a pattern along the poofs, but they weren’t in a straight line.

This project required two rolls of ribbon, so when the first roll finished, I simply overlapped the end of it with the beginning of the new roll and tied them together in the same pipe cleaner.

As I added the ribbon to each poof, I also tucked the pipe cleaner arms behind the poofs so they were out of sight. You can just wrap the ends of them along the wire. This also adds extra security to the pipe cleaners while also cleaning up the look of the garland.

And there’s your Halloween eyeball garland! One additional step is to cut the tail of your garland into two strips, but that’s optional! I liked the way it looked with multiple strands falling from the garland.

This DIY decor is super easy to make and just requires a little time and patience to complete! Here is it around my door frame with the matching wreath. I love how it turned out!

I hope you liked this Halloween eyeball garland tutorial! Make sure to check out the matching wreath as well! Have a safe and happy Halloween 👻

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