Pink Floral Wreath DIY for Summer

Pink Floral Wreath DIY for Summer

I have to admit it, I’ve been slacking on my wreath-making game. I’ve had the same spring wreath up since the beginning of April, and now we’re basically already in June! While I really liked this one, it was too spring-y and too Easter-y. It was time for a change of pace, especially with the change in season approaching. So that’s why, to celebrate summertime, I made this pink floral wreath!



This is probably one of the easiest DIY wreaths you can make–it will take less than 30 minutes!–and it’s customizable to whatever flowers or colours you want to use. I personally love peonies and roses, so that’s what I utilized, but the options are limitless.


To make this pink floral wreath, all you need is:

  • Green foam floral ring
  • Pink ribbon
  • Various pink flower stems
    • I kept some of the leaves attached to the flowers to add pops of green
  • White filler flowers


You’ll also need scissors, string, and a glue gun!



The first thing you’ll want to do is wrap your ribbon around the foam ring. Start by gluing one end of the ribbon down with your hot glue gun, and then just wrap along the rest of the ring.



It doesn’t have to be perfect your first time going around–even after the ribbon is fully wrapped, you can go back and adjust it still. Once you finish covering up all the foam, glue the other end of the ribbon down to secure it.



Your ring will look something like this. You want to have a little bit of a gap between each strand of ribbon because that’s where we’ll be pushing the flowers through.

The purpose of the ribbon is just to make everything look more uniform and neat. If you don’t mind the appearance of the green foam showing underneath the flowers, you can skip this step!


Next, you’ll want to trim the flowers off their stems if this isn’t already done. Make sure to leave enough length so that the flowers can push through the foam and stay secured. If you accidentally trim a flower too short, no need to panic–you can just use your glue gun to stick it in place.


Taking all your flowers, start arranging them how you like around the foam ring. When you’re ready to start securing them into place, make a gap in the ribbon and push your flower into place. If you make a mistake or want to change your mind, the ribbon helps to cover up any holes that you aren’t using anymore! The ribbon will also help fill in empty spaces between the flowers so it looks more full.



This is what my wreath looked like once all the flowers were put into place. The next step is to add your filler flowers, which adds more depth to the wreath while helping fill up empty spots (hence the name!)



And there is the final product, your beautiful pink floral wreath! It’s vibrant and summery, perfect for June and the warmer weather to come! You can tie your string at the top so it can hang or you can put your wreath directly on the hanger if you prefer.



I hope you enjoyed this DIY wreath tutorial. Check out my Pinterest page for more fun DIY projects to try this summer!

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