Quick Breakfast Ideas and Tips for Busy Lives

Quick Breakfast Ideas and Tips for Busy Lives

The kids are heading back to school and life is about to get more hectic again. Rushing around getting lunches packed, picking outfits, filling up backpacks, commuting–there’s a lot to do in the mornings! Especially when there are so many people in the family to get ready! And since we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s one more stress to add to the pile. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best quick breakfast tips and tricks to make your mornings a little easier every day!

These tips are all great even if you’re not trying to herd a family in the morning! Everyone can benefit from a little prep work to make their morning routine go a little more smoothly.

Overnight Oats

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all in the past year or so, you know overnight oats are a huge craze.  The basic idea is to combine oats and a liquid (typically some kind of milk) in a container and leave them overnight in the fridge to soften. You can add all types of flavours to make it more interesting and exciting to eat! Fruit, nuts, yogurt–the options are endless.

Since this breakfast option has to sit for a few hours, they’re perfect to prep in advance. That way, you don’t need to do any work in the morning except open your container and enjoy some delicious oats! It’s common to add fresh toppings on top of your oats as well (for example, crushed nuts or cut fruit) but you can also prepare those the night before and just toss them on top in the morning when you’re ready!

For a comprehensive list of some of the best flavour combos for your overnight oats, check out this article from Life Made Sweeter!

Image showing 8 varieties of overnight oats for quick breakfast tips

Don’t these look amazing? 5 minutes of prep work in the evening will yield some delicious breakfasts for you and your family. PLUS, these are full of nutrients so you’ll be full of energy to take on your day!

Freezer Smoothie Prep

Another way to have a quick breakfast is to make smoothie prep packs ahead of time. Add your desired fruit and frozen yogurt (if you want some dairy) into a freezer bag, and when you’re ready you just put it in your blender and add a liquid of your choice!

This post by Dessert Now, Dinner Later perfectly shows you how to portion of your prep smoothies! She even includes a recipe for a delicious (and nutritious!) green smoothie, perfect to perk you up in the morning!

Image showing freezer bag full of fruit and yogurt to make smoothie prep packs as a quick breakfast idea

You can add whatever fruits and veggies you like, so this is another great option that you can customize to your liking. In addition, if you don’t want to go through the extra effort of freezing yogurt into cubes beforehand, you can always add fresh yogurt to the frozen fruit when you add your juice/milk/water to the blender, as well!

Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

If you prefer more savoury foods in the morning (like me!), then these vegetable burritos might be a good option for a quick breakfast for you! Kristine’s Kitchen shows you how she makes her breakfast burritos in this post.

Image showing vegetable breakfast burrito as a quick breakfast idea in the mornings

Just looking at the picture is making me crave one of these right now! You can follow the recipe on the blog, or customize to your liking! Maybe add some different veggies, or even some kind of meat. And like the other meal prep options I’ve mentioned, this one is full of nutrients as well–perfect for you and the kids!

Freezer Pancakes

I don’t know about you, but when I think of breakfast, I think of pancakes. They’re a traditional morning food that most people only get to enjoy on the weekends when there’s time to make them–but what if I told you that you could enjoy them even on a busy morning before work?

A Cultivated Nest shares a recipe here for some delicious pancakes and then shares some tips on how to freeze them for breakfast whenever the craving strikes!

Image showing freezer bag with pancakes inside as an idea for quick breakfast foods

I hope you found these quick breakfast tips and ideas helpful! Let me know in the comments what you like to make for breakfast when you’re having a busy morning.

For more food ideas (and all sorts of other fun stuff), check out my Pinterest page!

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