School Supply DIYs You’ll Love Making

School Supply DIYs You’ll Love Making

It’s back to school season, which means it’s time for my favourite thing–back to school shopping! I love going out and buying new supplies for the year ahead–coloured pens, a beautiful organizer, notebooks, pencil cases, even a new backpack! But one other thing that’s super fun is to customize your own supplies with school supply DIYs! You can take the plain or boring materials you might already have and add some flair to them! This way you can save money, but also have fun too!


You know I can never turn down a DIY opportunity, so here are some fun school supply DIYs for you to try out this school year!



Ribbon Paper Clips




  • Mini rolls of ribbon
  • Paper clips
  • Scissors


This DIY couldn’t be simpler! And you can customize it however you want using different sizes of paper clips, as well as different coloured ribbons!



At the top of the paper clip (the end that doesn’t have the inner loop), tie your ribbon in any you like. You can do a bow or knots like I did on my clips.



For the smaller paper clips, I did simple knots and cut the edges to give it some extra style. Since these paper clips are so tiny, it’s more difficult to maneuver the ribbon around it, so just be weary of that!



This craft takes just a couple of minutes and is so simple to make! You can use these decorated paper clips to keep loose papers together, or even as a bookmark in your novels or notebooks!




Decoupage Notebooks

Speaking of notebooks, there are so many ways you can customize the covers of your boring, generic notebooks at home! Decoupage is gluing decorative or coloured paper on an object. Using this technique, you can decorate your notebooks with any design you like!




  • Craft paper in your preferred style/colour
  • Mod Podge
  • Notebook
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


For my craft paper, I chose two different designs–a fun pizza pattern, and a floral pattern. You can even have several different designs on one notebook. That’s the fun of decoupage!


The first step you want to take is to trace the cover of your notebook onto the craft paper.



You want to make sure to trace it as well as possible so that the craft paper will cover the notebook perfectly. If you have craft paper hanging over the notebook, that’s okay. You can easily trim it after! However, it’s more difficult to add extra paper if your traced paper is too short to cover the notebook.



Next, spread the Mod Podge glue all over the surface with your paintbrush. You only need a thin coating of the glue. You don’t need to spread the glue onto the binding of the notebook unless you choose to cover that surface with paper, as well. I chose to leave the binding untouched.



Once you have the glue covering your notebook, carefully apply the craft paper you traced and cut out. The way I applied the paper was by aligning the bottom edge of the paper with the notebook, then slowly placing the paper down. The glue doesn’t dry immediately, so even if you misplace the paper, you still have time to adjust it!



This is what the cover will look like after! It’s a lot more fun than the original notebook cover, am I right?



I followed the same steps with the floral craft paper, and this is what the notebook looks like. Your next step is simply to apply a little more Mod Podge along the edge of the craft paper where it meets the binding of the notebook.



I add this extra step to ensure that the edge of the craft paper remains sealed. You don’t want your paper unsticking and rolling up!


An additional step you can do is to add a label onto your notebook with your class name on it, to keep your notebooks organized for each subject. Or you can make your own “label” out of washi tape, like I did!



I just made a rectangle out of washi tape strips, and then you can write your subject inside the rectangle. You could even write a quote or your name inside, instead!





Washi Tape Pencils

This is another super simple tutorial to add to the list of school supply DIYs. Regular ol’ No.2 pencils can be a drag, so adding washi tape can make your everyday writing utensil a little bit more fun!



  • Pencils
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors



For this DIY, begin by wrapping your washi tape around the top of your pencil. Once it’s wrapped around a couple times, cut the end of the tape. Place the end of the tape below your first layer, and follow the same instructions.



If you continue wrapping along the pencil all the way down, the design of the washi tape will overlap and it won’t look as nice as when you do individual layers along the pencil.



Leave a bare gap at the end of the pencil so you can sharpen it with ease.



As you wear down the tip of the led, you can easily unravel a layer of the wash tape so you can continue sharpening the pencil. If you want to use mechanical pencils for this DIY instead, it avoids the need to unravel your tape. However, I just have a personal preference for wooden pencils, instead.


A second way to use washi tape to decorate your pencil is even more simple than the first tutorial.



Slightly below the metal piece of the pencil, wrap a strand of washi tape around the wood. Overlap the tape onto itself so the design is on both side. Cut the excess tape away.



Cut out a V shape at the end of the tape so it looks like the end of a bow.



That leaves you with a little washi tape flag on your pencil for a more subtle DIY look. Additionally, this won’t hinder your ability to sharpen the pencil as the lead dulls!




Tassel Bookmarks

The last of the school supply DIYs are tassel bookmarks! With so many books you have to read for your different subjects (textbooks, novels, etc.), bookmarks will really come in handy. But why settle for a boring one when you can make your own?




  • Card stock
  • Washi tape
  • Yarn
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors



The first step is to measure how large you want your bookmarks to be. I made mine approximately 12 cm x 5 cm, but you can adjust the dimensions to your liking.



Next, create a hole at the top of your bookmark. You can use a single hole puncher if you have one, or just stick your pencil through to create the hole like I did.



Now we move onto the yarn. Begin by holding one end of the yarn and make a loop that’s a few inches long. Then continue adding more loops around your hand until you’ve created a little bunch, as you can see pictured above. The more times you loop the yarn, the thicker your tassel will be. I made about ten loops in my tassel.



After this, you can cut your string and fold the bunch in half.



To begin assembling everything together, loop a piece of yarn (a few inches long) through the hole at the top of your bookmark.



With your yarn bunch at the front of the bookmark, bring the single strand of yarn through the fold of the bunch. Tie a knot with the single strand to secure it. I knotted it several times to ensure it wouldn’t unravel. I pulled the knot towards the back of the bookmark and trimmed the ends.



Cut off another single stand of yarn, a couple inches long again, and wrap it around your yarn bunch. You can wrap it around the centre of the bunch or slightly below centre, like I did. Secure the knot several times again, and then trim the ends.



To finish off the tassel, cut the loops at the end of the bunch to open up the strands. Additionally, trim the ends so the lengths are all even.



When you’re finished, your bookmark will look like this!



You can keep your bookmarks just like this if you want something simple. This will really highlight the tassel as the star of the show, or you can continue decorating!


To decorate my bookmarks, I used washi tape in the same colour family as the card stock I chose; however, you can use so many different materials to jazz up your bookmark. Your imagination is the limit. You can paint them; add sequins, glitter, or rhinestones; decoupage decorative paper over the card stock; the list goes on.



These bookmarks would also make a cute DIY gift for the book nerd in your life!

I hope you enjoy the school supply DIYs and give one (or all of them) a try! Let me know in the comments what school supply DIYs you’ll be making this year before you head back to classes.

For more crafty inspiration, check out my DIY posts here or follow my Pinterest page here!

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