Minimalistic St. Patrick’s Day Wreath DIY

Minimalistic St. Patrick’s Day Wreath DIY

St. Patrick’s Day is less two weeks away and I’m definitely ready to add some festive green decorations to my house. My favourite part about any upcoming holiday (even if it’s a non-holiday like St. Valentine’s Day or St. Patty’s), or even just a change in season, is making a festive wreath for my front door. It adds character and makes your home seem more vibrant and welcoming. Plus, crafting is always a fun way to pass the time.


Considering St. Patrick’s Day is basically used in North America as an excuse to drink all day and pinch people who aren’t wearing green, you might not really celebrate it or want to spend a lot of money or effort on making decorations for it. This is where my tutorial comes in: this St. Patrick’s Day yarn wreath is simple, looks minimalistic, and adds just a touch of festivity to any room. It’s a fun way of participating in the holiday without having to try too hard.


All you need is a green foam floral ring (mine is 12”), some festive coloured yarn (I chose a medium green, white, and gold), dark green felt, a glue gun, scissors, and a needle with a little bit of string (colour doesn’t really matter here, I used dark green because I had it, but white or black would work too). The last thing you’ll need is time; although this wreath is super easy to make, it is a little time-consuming, so have your glass of wine and TV show ready to go while you start crafting.  st-patricks-day-wreath1   st-patricks-day-wreath2

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out the pattern you’re going to make. I decided to do green, gold, white, gold—with the gold sections being smaller than the green and white. You can do it however you like, though! You can also measure out the sections and mark the wreath if you want everything to be even. I made some rough estimates for the sections with a pen, but it was mostly just a guide.


Once your glue gun is heated and ready to go, glue down the end of the first yarn you chose to use. Then, you start wrapping.


Try to keep the yarn nice and tight as you wrap it around. Keep going until you are at the end of the section, cut the yarn, and glue the other end in place to secure it.

TIP: Since the foam circle is round (duh!), it might be difficult to get the yarn to conform perfectly to the curves. Don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just go back and layer your yarn on top of the gaps to fill it up. Or, once you finish your first layer of yarn completely, you can go in and do a second full layer to make sure there are no empty spaces.


To start the next section, glue the end of your other coloured yarn right where you left off with the first colour. Repeat the steps as you go around the entire ring.


This is what the wreath looks like with all the yarn completed.


As you can see, the top white section is longer than the others—this is where the ribbon to hang the wreath will go!


The last part of the wreath is to add the felt shamrocks. I followed this tutorial from Molly and Mama to make mine!

st-patricks-day-wreath7    st-patricks-day-wreath8    st-patricks-day-wreath9

It’s quite easy to do, even if you have zero sewing skills (like me). Mine turned out more like flowers as opposed to clovers, but I still liked how it looked so I kept them how they were.

This is what the completed wreath looks like:


It’s a modern, yet still festive, way to show some St. Patrick’s Day pride—even if you’re not Irish! Just add any type of ribbon or string you like at the top so it can hang, and you’re good to go!

What’s your favourite way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Drinking with friends? Crafts with your kids? Let me know in the comments!

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