Teacher Appreciation Cards Printables

Teacher Appreciation Cards Printables

Yay, you’ve made it! It’s finally the end of the school year! Now both you and your teacher (or your child and their teacher!) can get the break you deserve. It might’ve been a tough journey, or maybe it was your best year yet. Either way, check out these teacher appreciation cards to say thanks to the person who was with you every step of the way.


A lot of people think being a teacher is easy. You finish work by 3pm (more or less), you get two weeks off for Christmas, and you get an entire summer vacation! Must be nice, right? But with a parent who is a teacher, I saw that it wasn’t always easy. You’re not just an educator–you’re also a mentor, a caretaker, and you need the patience of a saint sometimes.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift to say thanks, then check out my post from earlier this week for some inspiration! And if you already have a gift but need fun teacher appreciation cards to add, then keep reading!



  1. If you want to give a card that allows you to customize the message, this “Owl Miss You” card is perfect. You or your child can fill in the message, and you can personally thank your teacher for everything they did. This is especially good if they went above and beyond throughout the school year. (via Somewhat Simple)
  2. This card is a creative image made up of descriptive words that can describe your teacher. The great thing about this card is that it can be a gift tag or a giftcard holder, as well. (via Skip to my Lou)
  3. I actually designed these two cards for the end of year and wanted to include them in the roundup! If you’re interested in downloading them, then the links will be below! (via Nightly Creative)
  4. These hand-drawn cards come in three designs, including one with a school bus. With this, you’re able to thank another person integral to your child’s learning–the bus driver who brings them to school and back on a daily basis! (via Smitha Katti)
  5. Finally, these pencil-shaped cards are an adorable way to write a little message to your teacher. You can attach them to your gift as a tag, or give it as a card as well! (via Paper Trail Design)


My designs:

To download the “Report Card” card, click here.

To download the “Seeds of Knowledge” card, click here.


Congratulations on surviving another school year! Now it’s time to start planning what you’ll do with all your free time. Luckily for you, I have some summer inspiration here to check out! 😉

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