Teacher Gift Labels for End-of-Year!

Teacher Gift Labels for End-of-Year!

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through June already? 2018 is flying by! We’re already inching towards the end of the school year for students–and teachers–everywhere! So what better time than now to show you guys some amazing printable teacher gift labels, perfect for end-of-year presents!



I have to admit, when I was in school, the gifts I gave my teachers were…uninspired. I’m pretty sure I gave every teacher either a box of chocolates or a Tim Horton’s gift card taped inside a greeting card. There’s nothing wrong with either of these ideas! It’s just pretty much what every teacher gets from every kid.


Sometimes it’s hard to get creative with teacher’s gifts, especially if you don’t know much about the teacher’s interests or hobbies. That’s why I wanted to create these teacher gift labels–to take the guessing work out of finding the perfect thank-you present for the person who helped shape your child’s life for the past year! The presents are generic enough to suit almost every type of person, but the tags help to personalize them and add a little personality!



There are 6 different labels, each coming in 2 colour schemes–so there are 12 labels in total. Basically, you don’t need to worry about finding teachers gifts now for a few years!




Here’s what each label’s corresponding gift is:

Page 1 of labels

  1. How sweet to have you as a teacher. A package of homemade cookies/treats, or you can get the classic box of chocolates
  2. Thank you for making my future brighter. A candle–a fun, summery-scented candle is perfect in preparation for summer break!
  3. Thanks a latte for all you did this year. You have so many coffee-related gifts you can do with this one! My favourite is filling a mug with crinkle paper, then adding some chocolate, instant coffee, and a gift card inside like A Pumpkin and a Princess did here!



Page 2 of labels

  1. All year you made us think, now pour yourself a nice drink. A nice bottle of wine, or any type of alcohol you think your teacher will prefer. A lighter alternative could be a bottle of Bailey’s or an Irish creamer for their coffee!
  2. We are in good hands with a teacher like you. If this teacher works with young kids and washes their hands a lot, a hand cream is a perfect gift for them. A scented cream can be nice–like this cherry blossom one pictured above–but you can always grab an unscented one that will really nourish and protect their hands.
  3. You’ve been a tea-rrific teacher. You can get a nice mug for this gift as well, and fill it with various tea bags. Or, you can get a travel mug. There are some great ones with tea steepers inside, so your tea-loving teacher can brew their favourite drink on the go.



Click here to download page 1 of the teacher gift labels, and click here to download page 2.


I hope you found these gift suggestions helpful! Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

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